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From journalism to photography – left brain, right


Nobody’s suggested to me that product photography and journalism are a strange combination. (Even though photojournalism might be a more obvious career sidestep.)

Nor has anyone asked if I have a photography degree. In fact, all the photographers I know started as amateurs while in an unrelated career; business, the army, engineering, teaching, etc.

Hampshire product photographer working for free

Photographer working for free after cake gate

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Where do I stand as a photographer working for free?

Imagine you’re a creative business. Along comes a brand or influencer requesting freebies in exhange for the promise of ‘exposure’. This is the scenario that played out recently between a former soap actress, her party planners, and a Yorkshire bakery.

The baker declined. All hell broke loose online.

I’ve put a lot of thought into this. In the above case, my response might have been: “Ma’am, the only exposure I know is the amount of light that hits the sensor.”

Little dinosaur tape dispenser tries to eat rolls of tape showcasing a product photographer's imagination and photoshop skills

Product photographer? That’s not real photography!


“Product photographer? You should go down to the woods and take photographs of the bluebells – stuff that people actually want to see.”

“My granddaughter takes pictures of her Starbucks like that.”

The message was clear – when people think professional photographer, they think landscapes. Also weddings, or portraits. So why would anyone want to be a product photographer on the Isle of Wight, when we have such beautiful scenery – let alone hire one?