About Me

I’m Lindsay and I am a writer and film fanatic and I live by the sea close to my home town of Portsmouth, the UK’s only island city. (That makes it sound way better than it really is.)

My earliest memory is grabbing my crayons and trying to ‘remember’ how to write a book. I always knew I was a writer but when I was ten my dad told my mother to stop buying me books because he didn’t want me to get big-headed (er, thanks dad!)

I always loved science fiction and fantasy, and I read a lot of magazines, especially movie magazines. I loved reading about actresses the most, as I admired their energy and glamour. I did a bit of acting, but I hated all the waiting around and the auditions.

There was this one friend at university whose parents thought I was a ridiculous bimbo. But they did admit that I made very interesting and unique observations about films.

They might have thought I was frivolous, but I know when I’m dying I won’t care about my job or how ‘important’ I was, but about the books I didn’t read, the strolls I didn’t take along the beach, and how often I hugged my cat.

Now I’ve finally found my feet blogging about films and books and entertainment, I’m working on my first novel and contemplating that creative writing MA. 🙂

Be happy!


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