About Me

I’m Lindsay and I am a writer and film fanatic and I live by the sea close to my home town of Portsmouth, the UK’s only island city. (That makes it sound way better than it really is.)

My earliest memory is grabbing my crayons and trying to ‘remember’ how to write a book. I always knew I wanted to be a writer but when I was ten my dad told my mother to stop buying me books because he didn’t want me to get big-headed.

After leaving school early at 13 (I have something in common with Jennifer Lawrence!) I really struggled for years with lots of the issues that are far more acceptable to talk about now.

Why should you follow my blog?

If you’re interested in showbiz, movies and royalty!

I keep things light and fairly current on my blog. It’s a bit like a journal of the movies I see and the books I read. I hope I manage to amuse people but also that I am able to offer some commentary and insights into various mental health issues.

Cinema and entertainment are considered deeply frivolous subjects, but after years of trying to be someone serious, I have now really leaned hard into my qualities of flippancy and whimsicality. Why fight it?!

I don’t review every new release, but if I have something funny and original to say about a film on at the cinema or about a (recentish) movie or series on Netflix or Amazon, I whack something up.

If it’s Harry Potter, Star Wars, Meghan Markle or Game of Thrones, I’m probably covering it…

…and my Instagram:

Social media understandably gets a bad rap, but I try to use mine as a tool to offer my insights into self-esteem, mental health and shutting out all those voices that want you to be as negative as they are. It’s tough to forge a career when you’re dealing with pretty rotten anxiety.

My Insta is more lifestyle and fashion-y than my blog, with a pretty strong beach and coastal vibe. Oh and I do a lot of book reviews too!

x Lindsay x

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