About Me

Slow to the Party was born in February 2019. Here is my story….

  • I live by the sea near my birth town of Portsmouth, the UK’s only island city. (That makes it sound way better than it really is.)
  • When I say I’m ‘near Portsmouth’, I’m safely over the water on the Isle of Wight. So I can insult it all I like, as nobody from The Mainland ever comes over here.
  • We actually moved here when I was three. I loved books and wanted to be a writer or an actress.
  • When I was ten my dad told my mother to stop buying me books because he didn’t want me to get “big-headed”. Thanks dad.
  • I left school at 13 (I have something in common with Jennifer Lawrence!) and then shortly after I went to The Mainland.
  • I found my way to university. I had zero confidence and made a mess of things. I tried to be an actress but have anxiety – the real kind.
  • I’m now stranded back on the Isle of Wight. After university, I went to live with my dad again, before he fell ill with cancer and pulmonary fibrosis. 
  • He died October 2018.
  • Slow to the Party was born the following February. I’d blogged on and off for a few years but decided it helped me after his death to dedicate myself to it, while I deal with bereavement and rebuild (hopefully) my new life.
  • I’m always a little slow to the party. Stuff just gets in the way.

x Lindsay x

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