Little dinosaur tape dispenser tries to eat rolls of tape showcasing a product photographer's imagination and photoshop skills

Product photographer? That’s not real photography!


“Product photographer? You should go down to the woods and take photographs of the bluebells – stuff that people actually want to see.”

“My granddaughter takes pictures of her Starbucks like that.”

The message was clear – when people think professional photographer, they think landscapes. Also weddings, or portraits. So why would anyone want to be a product photographer on the Isle of Wight, when we have such beautiful scenery – let alone hire one?

Because the public have no idea that product photography exists, or that brands and businesses might need to hire product photographers in the UK. It’s as if they think the images they see shopping online or from catalogues magically shoot, edit and upload themselves.

little dinosaur tape dispenser in an atmospheric jurassic setting. Shot by a product photographer on the Isle of Wight - also known as Dinosaur Island

I suspect people take even the work of top-flight product photographers for granted, and tend to overestimate their own (or their offspring’s) ability to capture stunning product photography.

Of course photos of a little plastic dinosaur aren’t going to win any awards or fans. But if you’re – for example – a stationery brand and you want fun, punchy colourful images, then you might decide to hire a product photographer.

Why you need a product photographer

If you have an online presence (and what brand doesn’t?) then you’re going to need images. Try selling anything without photos! Because successful images make your visual communication more appealing and help create an emotional attachment to your product.

But…they can just do that themselves right? Nobody is going to hire a product photographer to do that! Here are the top three reasons why a creator or business might hire a product photographer:

Product photographers have creative ideas

Product photographers are always training, keeping up with the latest trends and tech. Knowing how to generate the right atmosphere for a photo & capturing all the details of your product is crucial to the final result – ensuring your brand stands out from the crowd. 

A product photographer will save time

You hire a product photographer for the same reasons you might hire a social media manager or VA –  you just don’t have time to set up the photos, shoot and edit them.

Product photographers have the right equipment

A small business or solo creator might not have a camera capable of producing RAWs for editing and optimising for web or print. They might not have the right software like Photoshop to make those RAW files look spectacular.✨ I also have an extensive collection of bought & handmade props and backdrops for that unique look!

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