The SOLO trailer saunters on to our screens. I already love Qi’Ra


I wasn’t going to post about the new Star Wars spin-off trailer, when and if it ever arrived. But after being ill and feeling so low, a trailer has been about the most demanding thing I’ve been able to watch and review in weeks.

Solo seems so nonchalant about the whole publicity machine, like it knows it’s a surefire hit anyway. The action scenes, the visuals and the extension of the Star Wars mythology will probably make it another Rogue One.

Of course the cast looks great too. Emilia Clarke, who has really grown on me lately, looks very regal.

Qi’Ra sounds like a Game Of Thrones name, but ‘Kira’ was actually Rey’s original name during The Force Awakens production, and it also crops up a lot in the old pre-Disney books and games. I always thought it was a nod to the director Akira Kurosawa, whose Hidden Fortress was a direct influence on a young George Lucas.

Donald Glover as Lando will walk away with Han’s movie (payback for Han taking the Falcon), while Alden Ehrenreich – who looks and sounds nothing like Harrison Ford – is probably going to be the most divisive element.

Although Alden is diminutive next to Ford’s 6’1, and his voice is nasal-sounding, they’ve still slapped the same hairdo on him that Ford had in the Originals, as if that’ll help. Fans have offered unconvincing in-canon explanations for the physical differences like, “Oh men can have growth spurts really late”, or ‘Voices deepen with age.”

I’ll just accept that they either couldn’t or wouldn’t find someone more like Ford (I think people at Lucasfilm really wanted Alden, and a Ford clone from Kamino would’ve had the door slammed in his face). Alden’s obviously a talented actor, even if he isn’t a movie star/leading man, and he has to make the role his own.

Younger kids and future generations will probably like Alden more than Harrison anyway. He’ll be their definitive Han.

The galaxy is changing.

4 thoughts on “The SOLO trailer saunters on to our screens. I already love Qi’Ra

  1. raistlin0903

    That last sentence could no be more true: the galaxy is changing. I wonder if it’s changing into something that I like though. This certainly isn’t the Star Wars that I grew up with, that’s for sure. Maybe it’s just me getting old…that might of course also be the case. Who knows? But I don’t know…to quote someone: I have a bad feeling about this….(hmm…who said that again??🤔🤔🤔

    1. Lindsay Acland Post author

      I’m OK for 9 and Solo and if they do a Obi-Wan or a Leia movie. Basically anything still connected to the OT. After that I’m not sure. You’ve got the GoT guys doing a trilogy and Rian with his own trilogy. These movies are being made for kids now and future kids. What will Star Wars be in 20 years? It’ll be interesting.

      1. raistlin0903

        Hmm…well I hope there will be a star wars in 20 years. At the rate they are making these films, one has to wonder if the quality isn’t going to suffer at some point. But then again, Marvel seems to be able to do why not Star Wars 😊😊

        1. Lindsay Acland Post author

          They will keep making them until they stop making money. Then they will shelve them for a time until they think it is right to make a comeback and lots of $$$. There’ll be an Episode XXV. One day. Unless the world gets sick of movies. 🙂

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