The Last Jedi theories died so hard (start the Episode IX speculation)

There was lots of red in The Last Jedi, from the blood-coloured soil of Crait, to Snoke’s crimson throne room. And while critics were in raptures – Rian Johnson is an auteur after all – a lot of hardcore fans were left, well, seeing red.

After watching the film on preview night, I came soaring home like Princess Leia through space. VIII had laughs, lightsabers and a brooding Adam Driver.

Yes, it felt like Star Wars. Like the OT, the sequels are funny (levity is actually good in a movie like this.)

The only thing I hated was Luke’s treatment. I understand from a franchise perspective he had to go, but did they have to make him so repulsive? The only way they could have made him more disgusting would have been to have him hit on Rey.

Still, I get the people bewildered by the backlash. Frankly, certain fans needed to get their heads out of their half-cocked theories.

Rey’s parentage.

Before TFA, I thought Padmé-lookalike Rey was Han and Leia’s kid (sadly for them, it was Kylo), and that Kylo was a Vader-obsessed loser (lol true) wanting to continue the bloodline with Rey (also true).

But trailers that hinted at Rey’s Skywalker identity were protecting the Ben Solo reveal. Just half an hour in, a guileless Rey turns to Finn and says: “Luke Skywalker! I thought he was a myth.” Neither Han nor Leia knew her, plus she had romantic tension with Kylo.

I watched Flashback Rey and thought: “That kid’s old enough to remember who her parents are.” When Rey told BB-8 her parents would be back, “one day”, you can tell from Daisy’s delivery that Rey was in denial. As Maz said: she already knew the truth.

So going into VIII, I was quietly confident who her parents weren’t.


Kylo sticks his throbbing red lightsaber past Rey’s trembling open mouth. “Why, Kylo, it’s HUGE.”

But hey, there were people who thought Palpatine wasn’t Darth Sidious right up until Revenge of the Sith. This time around, fans insisted Rey was either Kylo’s twin (despite the age gap), or Luke’s child with an unknown woman – perhaps Obi-Wan’s daughter!

‘Cousins fighting’ never struck me as having the pathos of duelling father and son, but those theories got entrenched.

Kill the theories

I’d buy a ticket for Episode IX for Driver’s performance alone. Abrams will be back, book-ending the trilogy, although anyone hoping he’ll overturn the Reylo romance, or make Rey a Solo might be in for future disappointment.

Perhaps there was some explanation for the Kylo-Rey connection held back from Jedi, but I’m not going to hold my breath…

There are only three theories I’m prepared to stick my neck out for – the good guys will win, there’ll be another incarnation of the Death Star, and fans will be vocally unimpressed.

4 thoughts on “The Last Jedi theories died so hard (start the Episode IX speculation)

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  2. raistlin0903

    I agree that part of the fan theories were outrageous. And some people just went to the extremes with spreading the hate for this film, even downright verbally attacking fans that did enjoy the film. That is where I draw the line. I really didn’t like the film. I’ve seen it twice now, and the second time, knowing what to expect, I really kept an open mind for it. I’m sorry to say I did not change my original thoughts for it. There are just too many things that don’t make sense. I don’t care about the fact that theories did not come out. I care more about the fact that so many things were just left unresolved. Why set up Snoke as the ultimate bad guy, and having him killed without revealing a thing about him. Rey’s parents being nobodies is something I could accept. But not the things she can do with the Force without any training whatsoever. Leia flying through space as Supergirl (lol), Holdo not revealing her plans to anyone, and as such putting everyone in danger…the list goes on and on…
    But I did love Kylo. He was one of the things that I really liked about the film. But…I’m still a Star Wars fan…and will head to the theatres again for Epsiode IX. I’m also glad to see that people also have embraced the movie, and enjoyed it. This was a great and well written post! Well done 😀😀

    1. Lindsay Acland Post author

      I don’t think any theories – when it comes to Star Wars – are necessarily outrageous. Are reincarnation, Force-vampires or Rey being Luke’s kid sillier than telekinesis or ghosts? I’m not sure.

      I did feel after TFA that Daisy Ridley was right – her parentage was kind of a non-issue. It was fairly obvious she wasn’t a Skywalker/Solo, but people couldn’t get it out of their heads. What was outrageous was the anger and the attacks online!

      Snoke was uninteresting to me in TFA. Yet before TLJ, they hyped him a bit, but ultimately he’s just a guy like the Emperor – not the main character or that important in that particular story. I laughed when he got lightsabered because it was such a Kylo Ren move.

      It isn’t a masterpiece is it? I haven’t seen anyone defend the Super Leia thing (WTF was that?!). Canto was boring, and I don’t think they really know what to do with Finn now. But I just abandon my critical faculties and go “La la la it’s a Star Wars movie so I’m happy!!

      But yes I can see what you didn’t like about it. I too thought Rey being so good at Jedi stuff so fast was significant, but apparently, for the time being, it isn’t. That was why I said there might be something held back for IX, (but I won’t hold my breath)! 🙂

      1. raistlin0903

        Haha, no I am not holding my breath either. Though JJ hopefully has some nice suprises still in store. One can never know 😀😀
        And lol, I guess you are right that it can never get too outrageous when it comes to Star Wars theories. I at one point thought that Rey might have some Palpatine blood in her lol 😂😂

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