It’s nearly over – Oscars 2016: my random musings ;)

Every actor wants to win an Oscar. And nobody wants to win more than Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio.

Either I missed the campaigns for Fassbender, Cranston and Damon, or they all just accepted that it’s Leo’s year. It’s finally “his turn”; that’s the narrative, and it’s unstoppable.

Best Actor

Leo’s campaign centred on how difficult the shoot for The Revenant was.

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I haven’t seen the movie yet, but Leo doesn’t look like he could survive much adversity. He’s been famous since he was a foetus, and his biggest struggle has probably been which model to pick from the catalogue. But it’s his year, so go Leo!

Perhaps his only rival tonight is Eddie Redmayne for The Danish Girl, directed by Tom Hooper. Redmayne campaigned so stealthily you didn’t even notice, but his portrayal of a transgender woman was divisive. Personally, I’m on the side of those who say the performance was a sub-par one for the actor.


Best Actress

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Alicia Vikander carried The Danish Girl, and got better, more consistent reviews than Redmayne. I understand why she landed in supporting, but truthfully, it was lead.

Amazingly, it wasn’t even her best performance this year.

She was the highlight (along with Elizabeth Debicki) of The Man from U.N.CL.E, but I’d agree with the critics who say she should have got a supporting nod for Ex Machina. 

Vikander’s finest performance, though, was in director James Kent’s Testament of Youth, based on Vera Brittain’s memoir. If Tom Hooper had directed Testament, it wouldn’t have been as good, but it would have garnered Vikander a nomination.

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I’d have rounded out Best Actress with a joint nomination for the magnificent Blanchett/Rooney Mara for Carol, Brie Larson for Room, Emily Blunt for Sicarioand Saorise Ronan for Brooklyn.

Larson will win; it’s probably one of the dead certs of the night. She’s new to the awards circuit, but she’s a total pro. I get the feeling some more established actresses may find her unnerving…

…and last but most most importantly, Star Wars! 

Great to see that The Force Awakens got five nominations, although all in the technical categories like editing and visual effects. It deserves the recognition; TFA was well-made and fun. A huge part of that was how invisible the CG was, making it feel like the Star Wars of old.

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