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Update 25/06/17

Allergies and vertigo didn’t keep me from Wonder Woman (yay!) and The Mummy (ugh my eardrums)

Update 27/05/17

Alien: Covenant thoughts up! 

Update 17/04/17

Ghost in the Shell is a good-looking actioner that doesn’t get too philosophical..

Update 23/03/17

My take on the hottest movie of the moment – Beauty and the Beast..

Update 07/03/17

I read the memoir Lion: A Long Way Home, which is now a movie starring Dev Patel and Nicole Kidman. I felt a great kinship with Saroo Brierley, the young boy who could have perished on the streets of Kolkata but got an extraordinary chance at a better life…

Update 02/03/17

SS-GB is the new BBC adaptation starring Sam Riley and Kate Bosworth. It hasn’t been given a fair shot by the public! 

Updates 21/02/17

Mini movie reviews: I’m a recluse and I stay home and watch the latest releases on digital and DVD….

Updates 16/02/17

Sunshine Blogger Award #2 How do you get to Middle Earth?

Manchester by the Sea  How did Kyle Chandler and Gretchen Mol come up with that kid? 

Updates 23/01/17

**Jackie: Natalie Portman goes for the gold again, and unintentionally blesses us all with one of the maddest performances of the year.

**Royal Drama for 2017: King Charles III causes a political ruckus. Plus The Crown 2 & Victoria on PBS…

 **La La Land review: It’s a nice film. Stop losing your minds, critics. 

**The Year Ahead in movies. Some people are looking forward to Episode VIII. 

Updates 02/01/17

Happy New Year!! I was very busy at the end of last year as I took the NCTJ Reporting exam. The good news is that I passed!  

Updates 25/11/16

**I’ve updated the About section again as I try to make my blog more interesting. 

**It’s been a crazy November, but I had a nice time at Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

I think my appreciation comes down to the following:

  • No Daniel Radcliffe 
  • I don’t already know the plot
  • Colin Farrell is darkly commanding in the role of Percival Graves….

Updates 06/11/16

**I got nominated for A Sunshine Blogger award and will get my response up soon!

**Who is Jude Law’s Young Pope on HBO/Sky Atlanctic? My guide. 

**I didn’t chicken out of Halloween! Check out my personal little ode to scary movies! 

Updates 19/10/16

**I got up my totally awesome review for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children! And I just noticed that Finlay Macmillan, who plays Enoch, looks like a dark-haired Justin Bieber. Enoch’s the kid with anger issues and the ability to re-animate the dead. That would totally be Bieber’s power! 

Updates 06/10/16

**I can’t stand Natalie Portman‘s voice in the Jackie trailer…Yes I know that the real Jackie had a bizarre voice like that but accuracy is not the same as authenticity.

Updates 15/9/16

**I finally added some text to the About section!

**I covered the news about Amazon’s forthcoming Strange New Things adaptation. Not to be confused with Netflix’s amazing hit Stranger Things, it is a very ambitious UK project starring Richard Madden. 

**Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt to star in Passengers @ 4YE.com

**From my blog: is Miss Peregrine a great role for the wonderful Eva Green

Updates 6/9/16

**I wrote a short Queen of Katwe preview on 4YE: This movie tells the true story of a young girl from a Ugandan slum who has an incredible mind for chess. Clearly positioned as an inspirational heartwarmer, it will benefit from Lupita Nyong’o’s star power. 

**My piece on Jenna Coleman‘s Queen Victoria: can it tell us anything about the monarchy today? 

**I review Harry Potter and the Cursed Child script: I can’t believe Rowling is happy with the latest Potter installment 

**My SUICIDE SQUAD review on BCactionMR: critics had so much fun bashing Squad. I think they liked it more than they let on.